What I wanted for Christmas:

  1. A plane ticket to London
  2. Or to Paris, France
  3. Or to Dublin, Ireland
  4. Or to San Francisco
  5. A car
  6. My own apartment
  7. A cat
  8. Or a bird
  9. A tattoo
  10. Respect
  11. Acceptance
  12. Financial security
  13. A paid tuition
  14. To get accepted into USC
  15. A DVD box set of all the season from Merlin, Doctor Who and Misfits
  16. A Mac
  17. A stable job
  18. Iwan Rheon
  19. The Harry Potter DVD collection
  20. Tickets to Six Flags

But Instead I got:

  1. A straightener
  2. Mustache bandages
  3. A mug
  4. And a 300something dollar check
  5. Oh, and a necklace.


Christmas $hopping

Thank you Amazon and Etsy for providing and delivering all the gifts for Christmas ‘10. Currently my bank account is dwindling and may have to go on a diet after it’s spending binge. One good thing is that the money came from my seasonal job so it was all extra cash that didn’t apply to my usual money routine ie: food.

Looking forward to wrapping gifts :3